Our Approach

The ability to develop quality software and systems to answer challenging and complex scientific problems is critical to the value Aeris provides as a business. In addition to our highly skilled science staff, Aeris employs engineers with bachelors’ and masters’ degrees in computer science and software development practices. Our engineers understand that software quality is crucial to satisfying client needs, and they utilize industry-recognized tools and practices to deliver effective solutions in a timely fashion.

Aeris engineers utilize the latest agile based software development practices and procedures, which allow our software engineering team to work in a more focused and unencumbered environment. By utilizing the agile philosophy, we are better able to more rapidly and frequently deliver software solutions to our clients that can evolve and adapt based on continuous customer feedback and changing requirements. We ensure the quality and robustness of our software through the utilization of test-driven development strategies, implementation of frequent and automated testing, and the continuous use of the latest industry tools for static code analysis. A fundamental underpinning element of the Aeris team is the design and develop robust software and systems that can be operationally deployed in support of our customers.

Agile Software Development

Operational System Development and Integration

Scientific Model Development and Optimization

Capability Maturity Model Integration