Aeris Publishes New Research on Atmospheric Source Term Estimation Methods

Press Release

March 6, 2017

Louisville, Co. – Aeris lead scientist, Dr. Paul Bieringer, along with co-authors, Dr. George Young (Pennsylvania State University), Dr. Luna Rodriguez (National Center for Atmospheric Research), Dr. Andrew Annunzio, Dr. Francois Vandenberghe (National Center for Atmospheric Research), and Dr. Sue Ellen Haupt (National Center for Atmospheric Research), have published a new article on atmospheric source term estimation methods in Atmospheric Environment.  The article, entitled “Paradigms and commonalities in atmospheric source term estimation methods”, compares and contrasts current methods used to estimate source characteristics of airborne contaminant releases based on available downstream atmospheric measurements and provides general guidance for selection of an appropriate method/model based on the end application.

Atmospheric Environment is an international journal for scientists in different disciplines related to atmospheric composition and its impacts. The journal publishes scientific articles with atmospheric relevance of emissions and depositions of gaseous and particulate compounds, chemical processes and physical effects in the atmosphere, as well as impacts of the changing atmospheric composition on human health, air quality, climate change, and ecosystems.