Aeris participated in the SIGMA+, CBRN IEW, and Effects Tools Test Plan held at the Dugway Proving Grounds in Dugway, Utah to Demonstrate CBART and HEAT Capabilities

In the summer of 2022, Aeris participated in field testing of the Chemical Biological (CB) Alerting and Response Tool (CBART), and the Hazard Estimation and Assessment Toolkit (HEAT) against simulated Chemical and Biological releases conducted at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah.

During the two-week Aeris participation, our team worked with development partners at the CCDC CBC, Arete, Sigma+, and CBRN Support to Command and Control (CSC2) to integrate sensor communication and Situational Awareness (SA) with both CBART and HEAT. By the end of the participation, Aeris successfully displayed SA products from collaborators on Aeris ATAK devices and sensor output both in CBART and HEAT displays.

CBART and HEAT are currently being developed under contract of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to bring CB SA and Decision Support (DS) to the Tactical Edge and help facilitate communication of CB data and events across the command structure.

We would like to thank DTRA, the CCDC CBC, and collaborative partners at the event for helping Aeris showcase the capabilities and integration potential of both CBART and HEAT.

Aeris participates at Dugway, Utah